Plexiglas for all your uses!

Plexiglas is used in many fields: aeronautical, nautical, artistic, industrial and practical.

Plexiglas takes off with aeronautics

Plexiglas products have long been used in the aerospace industry. 

With its excellent optical qualities, higher light transmission than glass and low weight, Plexiglas has become an essential material in aeronautics (aircraft windows, microlights, helicopters, boat windscreens, etc.).

Plexiglas for professional and recreational boating

Popular in the boating and yachting industry for its solidity and functionality, Plexiglas is particularly interesting for the development of storage objects (china cabinet, bottle rack, glasses, etc.).

Indeed, when the boat is rocking under the action of waves, the dishes (plates, glasses, cutlery, bottles, etc.) must be well secured to prevent them from breaking.
Drawers, fixing pastes and latches can be made to measure in Plexiglas.

Plexiglas in all its forms: artistic, practical and accessory

Plexiglas (or plexiglass) is a polymer that can be known by different trade names: altuglas (France), plexiglas (Germany), perspex (England), setacryl (Italy) etc.

Plexiglas can have several functional aspects:

  • Storage: storage box with or without drawer, desk organizer, pen holder, umbrella holder, soap holder, briefcase, etc.
  • Practical: ballot box, easel, stand, brochure holder, housewares, outdoor signs (signage).
  • Playful: game boards (solitaire, chess, etc.).
  • Aesthetics: furniture, trophies and works of art, decorative objects (lamps, etc.).
  • safety: partition walls, anti-covid visor, etc.

Since 1952, Plexi Azur, your Plexiglas craftsman in Nice Côte d'Azur, has been passionately working on any custom-made Plexiglas project.
Call on a qualified professional for the manufacture of your furniture, the personalization of object and realization in plexiglas to measure.



Création de trophées en plexiglas - Nice

Creation of plexiglass trophies in Nice

Plexi Azur, a company specialising in Plexiglas, manufactures custom-made trophies in Plexiglas (a transparent plastic polymer) for all your events and awards ceremonies.  We are…
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