Creation of personalised products in Plexiglas

Plexi Azur uses artisanal techniques to create unique pieces in Plexiglas.

In its custom-made Plexiglas workshop in Nice, Plexi Azur produces all Plexiglas creations according to precise specifications.

As a passionate Plexiglas craftsman, Plexi Azur is committed to satisfying all your requests!

Personalised plexiglass trophy

Do you want to award a prize, reward your employees or offer an original corporate gift? The Plexiglas trophy will impress you!

Transparent or coloured (tinted in the mass), available in different thicknesses, Plexiglas makes it possible to create a solid trophy with a very interesting quality/price ratio that will look great!

Combined with wood and metal, Plexiglas can become a real work of art!

An elegant and qualitative material, Plexiglas can be used to create trophies cut to the shape of your logo.

Artwork in Plexiglas or enhancement with Plexiglas

Do you want a personalized decoration that is unlike any other? 

Plexi Azur creates sculptures and artistic objects according to your guidelines.

Plexi Azur offers custom framing in Plexiglas of your art objects (paintings, books, drawings, sculptures, jewellery, coins, etc.) in order to show them off as if they were in a showroom and to preserve them from the ravages of time, humidity, dust, etc.

Azur plexi also offers you the creation of bases for works of art to proudly display your objects in a stable manner.

Signage and plexiglass panels

Plexiglas signs are becoming increasingly popular for indoor and outdoor signage to indicate a business and provide information to visitors.

Plexiglas, imagination is your only limit!

Thanks to its transparency, lightness and robustness, Plexiglas can be used in many areas and can be easily integrated into the interior design of your home. 

From the smallest room to the largest, you can even have a spiral staircase made of Plexiglas! Imagine the possibilities…

Plexiglas can be used for all sorts of purposes: to stand on, to sit on, to present, to protect, to decorate… the choice is yours!

Since 1952, Plexi Azur, your Plexiglas craftsman in Nice Côte d'Azur, has been passionately working on any custom-made Plexiglas project.



Création de trophées en plexiglas - Nice

Creation of plexiglass trophies in Nice

Plexi Azur, a company specialising in Plexiglas, manufactures custom-made trophies in Plexiglas (a transparent plastic polymer) for all your events and awards ceremonies.  We are…
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