Creation of plexiglass trophies for your award ceremonies in Monaco

Création de trophées en plexiglas pour vos remises de prix à Monaco

Plexiglas, a transparent plastic polymer, is a very popular material for making trophies. Classic, or tinted in the mass and with a lot of imagination, a plexiglass trophy can give very surprising results!

Plexi Azur offers you its know-how and creativity to manufacture artistic and made-to-measure Plexiglas trophies for all your events and award ceremonies in Monaco.

A Plexiglas trophy to reward excellence in Monaco

Awards ceremonies, sports events, corporate gifts, delegation receptions, etc. Plexi Azur can adapt to all your requirements in terms of creating Plexiglas trophies. Your only limit will be your imagination!

Plexiglas trophies are effective communication objects. They give your company a reason to communicate. The awarding of a prize is an opportunity to take a photo and distribute it to your networks. So even an internal promotion can become an event when there is a trophy presentation. Displaying a custom-made Plexiglas trophy in your image is bound to be a prestige factor. And what could be more flattering than having an artistic Plexiglas trophy that everyone will talk about and remember?

Why choose Plexiglas to create a prestigious trophy?

Plexiglas trophies are very strong, but above all they are light and aesthetically pleasing.

Choosing Plexiglas is a quick choice when it comes to a custom-made trophy. Indeed, the material (Plexiglas) allows an impressive freedom of creation!

Made by a Plexiglas craftsman like Plexi Azur, they are a guarantee of quality.

Made from a defined and personalised shape, the Plexiglas trophies can also be silk-screen printed (depth effect), illustrated with a digital print (photo on Plexiglas), or tinted before being sealed on a base, also made of Plexiglas, with logos and texts that can be personalised for example.

You will be seduced by the rendering of the print on Plexiglas, which is both sober and chic!

The plexiglass trophy can also be a communication tool on your premises, so you can display your awards by creating your own message to the public you receive in your office.

Plexiglas trophies are very much in demand by the professions (medical practices) to proudly display a qualification or area of expertise. They have the advantage of being more aesthetic than a diploma hanging on the wall!

A Plexiglas trophy requires little maintenance (a wipe with a cloth) and unlike paper, which does not age well, a Plexiglas trophy is durable.

Contact Plexi Azur for the manufacture of your Plexiglas trophies and delivery in Monaco

Don’t wait, create the opportunity to be talked about! A Plexiglas trophy can be offered at many events and allows you to optimise your company’s communication. Promote your actions with a Plexiglas trophy in Monaco!

Since 1992, Plexi Azur has been making all kinds of objects in Plexiglas: Plexiglas furniture, artistic objects or practical objects in Plexiglas.

Plexiglas allows great freedom of creation and it is with passion that Plexi Azur works to offer you original objects and trophies in Plexiglas.

You can order your Plexiglas trophy by calling Plexi Azur on +33 (0)4 93 89 45 59 to ask for a free quote and to share your ideas. Numbers or single prints according to your needs.

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